Purchase Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Our herd is registered with The American Donkey & Mule Society (ADMS)

  • Price of Miniature Donkey Foals:  Jacks $4,000 & Jennets $5,000
  • Donkeys are reserved on a first come basis
  • $1,500 Deposit & completion of the sales agreement form
  • Full payment must be made prior to pick up
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Foals are released to their new home at 5 months of age
  • Donkeys will not thrive on their own, they are herd animals and need a companion. New owners must have a companion equine prior to foal pickup:  another donkey, horse or mule.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any animal on our ranch


2023 Miniature Donkey Foals

for Sale



Our Brood Jennets


Lily's due date: December 2023


Paradise Ranch Lil' Miss Lily

(Shown with foal - Chase)

Color:  Brown / Grey-Dun

Height: 32 3/4"

Born:  4/18/2017

Sire: 758's Beppi   33", Red

Dam: WLDF Miss Madison Ave "Maddie"  32 1/2", Dark Brown / Grey-Dun





WLDF Miss Madison Avenue "Maddie"

Color:  Dark Brown / Grey-Dun

Height: 32 1/2"

Born: 4/3/2009

Sire: Stock Mkt's Cash Grant, 32 1/2" Brown

Dam: Frontier Legends Calico Queen    32 3/4", Gray & White Spotted





Our Herdsire


Lazy Pine Newly

Color: White with Brown Spots

Height: 29"

Born: 3/4/2020

Sire: Mini G's Billy  29 1/4", Black

Dam: Mossy Oak's Calypso  28 3/4",                        White with Brown Spots











Baby Jack  Born July 1, 2022


  Paradise Ranch

"Chase The Dream"



Breed: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Color:  Brown / Grey Dun

Birth Height:  20"

Born:  7/1/2022


Chase is beautiful & sweet.  He is very friendly, loves attention (kisses & hugs) and running around the pasture.



Sire:    Lazy Pine Newly  29"   White with Brown Spots

Dam:  Paradise Ranch Lil' Miss Lily  32 3/4"   Brown / Grey Dun

Chase and Lily
Riley - All Riled Up
Riley & Libby

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